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An absolutely innovative medical training concept is available in new premises. Whether it's back, joint, cardiovascular or metabolic problems: with our new Milon technology, we can optimally support and accompany you.


Time-optimized training: only 2 units in 10 days à 35 minutes are sufficient to achieve noticeable success.


Our opening hours:
Daily 6 to 22 o'clock.


MTTMedical training therapy

With an MTT Prescription of your doctor you can train with us according to this concept.

There are 2 instructions with our physios included as well as a training subscription of 3 Months.

The cost will be covered either by basic insurance or  accident insurance.


• self-responsibility

medical assignment

• min. 16 years old

With SENSOPRO,  coordination

can be implemented easily and autonomously. 

In addition to classic strength, endurance and flexibility training, the Sensopro will bring coordination, which is so important, to a new level. The Sensopro is easy to use, can be operated independently in a short time, from rehabilitation to competitive sports.

















Why is coordination training so important?

The coordinative skills are extremely important in everyday movements and most sport types. But very few people work specifically on coordination skills. Because the coordinative skills regress if they are not trained regularly, constant training is important. With well-trained coordination skills, falls among others can be avoided.

Sensopro training in rehabilitation

In orthopedic and neurological treatments, coordination training is also used as an integral part of the therapy and leads patient and user faster to success.

The training focuses i.a. on the following aspects:

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